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  • Gloria.TV News on the 14th of December 2015

    14 December 2015, 08:00
    Pell-Bashing: Cardinal Pell has criticized reports casting doubt on the legitimacy of his illness, which has stopped him appearing at an Australian royal Commission which deals with mostly homosexual abuses. A spokesman of the Cardinal released a statement Sunday afternoon. Quote: “Claims that Cardinal Pell is refusing to attend the royal commission or to face victims of sexual abuse are false and ridiculous."
    Sponsor: Li Ka-shing, a Buddhist and the world’s richest Chinese co-sponsored the controversial three-hour light show performed on the facade of Saint Peter’s Basilica on the day of the Immaculate Conception. 87-year-old Li Ka-shing has a net worth of $33 billion. He is the world's largest operator of container terminals and the world's largest health and beauty retailer.
    Synodality: Pope Francis’ council of cardinals is studying how to apply so called synodality and decentralization to the Roman Curia. believes that this will further weaken the already weak hierarchy of the Church and …

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