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  • Gloria.TV News on the 23rd of December 2015

    23 December 2015, 08:00
    With Mercy To Hell? Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, the former head of Vatican Bank, has written a letter to Pope Francis reflecting about a simplistic understanding of mercy. Quote: “Although God is always infinitely merciful, he allowed the condemnation of the rebellious angel and his following, and he did this after the first sin they committed”. Gotti quotes Saint Alfonsus of Liguori who said that certaintly about God’s mercy sends more souls to hell than certainty about his justice.”
    Silence: In February, Collegeville Benedictine Abbey high school student Ben Spanier committed suicide after he was allegedly abused by the prior. The blog eponymousflower noticed at the time the almost unanimous absence in local reporting of the events. The reason: The abbey is ultra-liberal. The blog comments, “To date, no one is calling for the resignation of Abbot John Klassen who has consistently lied to protect predators and preserve the atmosphere of heresy in Collegeville. Those who were very vocal in calling for the …

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