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  • Gloria.TV News on the 12th of January 2016

    12 January 2016, 08:00
    Ingratitude: Former Brussels Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard was never made a Cardinal and quickly kicked out of office by Pope Francis when he reached retirement age. During his short five-year tenure he increased the number of his seminarians from 4 to 55. Léonard revealed his recipe in a recent interview – quote, “I never sent a young man away who came to see me. I never told him to go first contact the service of vocations, I have always welcomed them.”
    More Comfort for the Comfortable?: Archbishop Léonard has disapproved of the idea to give more power to the Bishops’ Conferences in matters of discipline. Quote: “I do not see how the discipline could be scalable from one country to another or from one continent to another. I would find it extremely risky that western countries may have a more flexible discipline. What image would this give of the Church? The Christians of the richest countries with the major comfort they enjoy, would also have a more comfortable discipline?”
    Miscarriage of Justice: “Jona…

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