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  • Gloria.TV News on the 18th of January 2016

    18 January 2016, 08:00
    Place of Apparition: Yesterday, Pope Francis visited the Roman synagogue, which is a place of apparition. On Yom Kippur 1944, on September 27th, while presiding over the religious service in the synagogue the Roman Chief Rabbi Israel Zolli saw in this synagogue a vision of Jesus Christ. Less than five month later, Zolli was baptized in the Gregorian University. His godfather was the Jesuit and later Cardinal Augustin Bea.
    Evangelizing the Jews: Last December the Vatican Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews published a document on Catholic-Jewish relations, which speaks about the Church’s mandate to evangelize the Jews. Quote: “Christians are called to bear witness to their faith in Jesus Christ also to Jews.” The document notices that Christ calls his Church from both Jews and Gentiles and there are not two unrelated covenants and that the covenant of the people of Israel is to relate to the Church.
    Lying Cardinal: Talking to Martin Lohmann, president of the German Pro-Life organization “Bundesve…

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