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  • Gloria.TV News on the 19th of January 2016

    19 January 2016, 08:00
    A kingdom divided against itself: A “Family Day” will be held in Rome against the incumbent introduction of a homosex pseudo-marriage in Italy. But the bishops are deeply divided. The president of the Conference, Genoa Cardinal Bagnasco ordered Avvenire, the Bishops’ daily to break its silence about the “Family Day”. On the other hand, the radical secretary of the Bishops’ Conference, bishop Nunzio Galantino, stated that the Conference as a whole, will have no part in it. Galantino has always given the impression that he acts under direct mandate of Pope Francis.
    Less Strain on the Heart: On January 14th Father Tim Finigan reported on his blog “The hermeneutic of continuity” that he successfully underwent heart bypass surgery and is in hospital. He writes that he is only saying the old Mass at the moment and comments: “Less strain on the heart, dontcha know?”
    Decentralized Authority Is Weak: English Fr Matthew Pittam who converted five years ago from Anglicanism to the Church issued a warning to those who …

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